Vision Statement

Pine Tree Youth Organizing (PTYO) is a youth led and run organization
that is building a unified youth movement that can make measurable
political change. We are a democratic, consensus-based, non-hierarchical organization committed to the values of respect and empathy, intersectionality, racial justice, queer positivity, anti-classism,
justice for disabled folks, and justice for all those who live with
marginalized identities. We are committed to prioritizing the voices and
actions of directly affected community members, and we focus on getting to root causes of injustice. We are committed to holding ourselves accountable to these ideals. We see that all of our liberation is bound up in each other.

Pine Tree Youth Organizing is a group that affirms the identities and
the lives of all of our members and the youth we support, and we honor
our differences and similarities. We are invested in each of our
members: invested in their beauty, organizing work, and growth. We
acknowledge that while we are unified in our work, our experiences of
oppression are different due to our identities. We take that into
consideration as we hold space for each other and work together, and we prioritize being strong allies to each other. As a group we emphasize
self care and fun as a crucial part of our work. We aim to be a support
network for youth activists that, through our support work, opens up
more space for fun and self care in the lives of all youth organizers.

We are a network of buddies throughout the state who are committed to
collective liberation (working together to get justice for all people).
We provide a safe(r) space to talk about our work and heal. We provide
connection and friendship in a oppressive world in a region that leaves
many youth feeling isolated. Pine Tree Youth Organizing is a space for
networking and finding life-long friends who are committed to working
for the long haul to make the world a far better place.

We believe that most youth already are effective organizers and
politically conscious. We see the mentorship relationship between youth
and mentor to be mutual, and we think a mentor can be any age. We
believe that even though someone might have more connections and
experience it doesn’t mean they have the best ideas. When PTYO mentors enter a mentorship relationship they don’t see their mentee as a person to fill with information but instead they see that relationship as a mutual one of modeling, learning and teaching.

We are flexible and are always looking to evolve our work, and we
celebrate feedback to help us stay true to our vision. We hope to grow
our organization while moving slow enough to include all the ideas and
hopes of all core members.

Mission statement:
Our mission is to get youth involved in politics and communities they
are passionate about. We do this by creating space for youth, putting on
events, engaging in mutual aid, and providing resources that help youth
learn the skills they need to be active. We strive to make youth voices
heard and respected by adults, and we help young people gain access to
leadership positions in political movements.