2013 Fund Recipients

Out! As I Want to Be – $500 to attend trainings and extend their proposal for an Art Movement: http://www.outmaine.org/

Carrabec Takes Back the Tap – $965 for stainless steel water bottles to be distributed to students in order to decrease the use of plastic water bottles and increase environmental awareness: click here to read more

Urumuri – $500 for performance expenses to promote cultural awareness and building community.

Lewiston–Auburn Neighborhood Network (LANN) – $1000 to assist with outreach to youth in the Lewiston-Auburn area to establish a youth advisory board. LANN also requests technical assistance in regard to reaching out to and connecting with diverse youth in the Lewiston-Auburn area.

Southern Maine Action Network – $1000 to establish a “home base” and develop community networks in the Southern Maine area.  Projects include Food Not Bombs; Free School; and the Mobile Front: http://southernmaineactionnetwork.wordpress.com/

Presque Isle High School GSA – $500 for funds to attend workshops and to expand diversity awareness: check out their facebook!

Peace Jam- $535 to support a high school group at Mount View in Thorndike that promotes the work of Nobel Peace Prize laureates. Peace Jam is a national organization; it also hopes to establish Peace Jam groups in other Maine high schools, since the Mount View group is the only one so far.