Mentor Network

We are currently building our mentor network, and we are looking for mentors who would like to take part in the amazing opportunity of building new relationships with bright youth who are engaging in a movement for a better life.
Not only do we need mentors, but we also need possible mentors to tell us what they need in order to be an effective mentor. What would your vision of a mentor network look like?

If you’d like to become a mentor with PTYO, and/or you would like to help us figure out what the mentor network should look like please contact us at:

Are you qualified to be a mentor?
To PTYO a mentor is anyone who has/currently is engaged in activist/organizing work and has built up their skills as an organizer enough that they feel confident and excited about helping youth with the work they are doing. This could look like committing to being on call for advice when youth need it, offering workshops/trainings that you would be excited to lead, committing a certain about a time per week to sit down with a group or individual to help direct their project, etc. PTYO organizers will help mentors and youth make initial connections and continue to support their efforts, although mentors and youth should feel empowered to figure out what the best way to share skills will be.

We believe that most youth already are effective organizers and politically conscious. We see the mentorship relationship between youth and mentor to be mutual, and we think a mentor can be any age. We believe that even though someone might have more connections and experience it doesn’t mean they have the best ideas. When PTYO mentors enter a mentorship relationship they don’t see their mentee as a person to fill with information but instead they see that relationship as a mutual one of modeling, learning and teaching.