We would LOVE to hold community events, but we need the community first! Here’s some ideas we have. If you’d like to be involved in organizing, attending, let us know! Tell us on Facebook, Twitter, or email us at!

In the meantime, here’s some ideas we have:

DND Nights (Beginners encouraged to come – I have no idea how to play, either)
-Other game nights like Among Us, TF2, Cards Against Humanity, etc! (Depending on age range of attendees – not tryna play CAH with minors)
Talent shows, almost specifically for people who suck at their talent (We all start somewhere)
Arty hangouts – Draw, paint, write, compose, craft – just come and hang out!
Processing and support groups – Life sucks sometimes and therapy is expensive. This is a place to talk to others who are also going through it. Obviously, do not replace real self care and health care with these groups.
Get together with other youth organizers who have been doing the work for a while, and ask questions and make connections in a casual setting.

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