Pine Tree Youth Organizing is a group that affirms the identities and the lives of all of our members and the youth we support, and we honor our differences and similarities. We are invested in each of our members: invested in their beauty, organizing work, and growth. We acknowledge that while we are unified in our work, our experiences of oppression are different due to our identities. We take that into
consideration as we hold space for each other and work together, and we prioritize being strong allies to each other. As a group we emphasize self care and fun as a crucial part of our work. We aim to be a support network for youth activists that, through our support work, opens up more space for fun and self care in the lives of all youth organizers.
    We do not tell youth how they should go about their activist work; we instead offer resources by following youth guidance and leadership. The youth who receive support from PTYO are also the youth who run the organization and figure out the best ways to support our peers in a way that centers our leadership and is most empowering.
    We work to support and coordinate the actions of youth organizers in a way that encourages long-term youth movement building and coordinated action in the state. No matter what issue they work on and what approach they use, there is a place in PTYO for them to get and offer support.​​​​​​​