About PTYO

Pine Tree Youth Organizing is a grassroots youth led and run organization that gets resources and support to youth activists. We connect youth throughout the state who are interested in working for justice and for their communities. We are a coalition of youth who come together to educate each other about what is happening in our communities, and we support each other’s work however we can.

Our coalition provides resources and support by offering trainings and workshops, matching people up with mentors, connecting people with groups working on similar issues, helping groups with outreach and promotion, offering event/action planning support, co-sponsoring events, and more. We also provide counseling for mixed aged and adult led organizations that are aiming to bring more youth into their organizations and/or support the youth they are already working with.

We build relationships with each individual young person/group who comes to us for support and we brainstorm with folks to figure out what their individual needs are. We support each person/group differently depending on what they need.

We work to support and coordinate the actions of youth organizers in a way that encourages long-term youth movement building and coordinated action in the state. No matter what issue you work on and what approach you use, there is a place in PTYO for you to get and offer support.

We do not tell youth how they should go about their activist work; we instead offer resources by following youth guidance and leadership. The youth who receive support from PTYO are also the youth who run the organization and figure out the best ways to support our peers in a way that centers our leadership and is most empowering. If you would like to become a member of PTYO and help run the organization please reach out to us! You don’t need any experience. Being a PTYO organizer is a amazing way to meet activists from all over the state and build your organizing skills in a safe, supportive environment. Working with PTYO can count for community service hours for school and to fulfill court ordered community service requirements. Working with us can also count as an internship.

To find out more about how PTYO accomplishes it mission, check out our vision statement.

Contact: settvincent@protonmail.com